STEP ONE: $5,580 USD All Inclusive

The 7Day Retreat – October 8-14:  This PHENOMEMAL WEEK of going within, tapping into your authentic self, and connecting with the horses can be experienced as a stand alone retreat or  STEP ONE  to earning your certification. Everyone who attends this retreat will leave as a new person as well as feeling secure with the basics needed to impact horses through the POWER OF TOUCH.

The 7Day Retreat is a complete package which includes lodging, meals and transportation from barn to barn.  All participants stay together in one remarkable location for the entirety of the 7 days. Be ye local or long distance, all participants will lodge at a beautiful house in the countryside of Bonsall, CA. From here, each day, we will be going to the nearby magical haven of HORSE SPIRIT RANCH which is the home for about 50 horses, give or take. Most class time will take place at the ranch, with a couple of off ranch excursions to other horsey locations. 

Please carefully assess your comfort level with this option. You will be staying in a large country house, with extremely beautiful and comfortable amenities. However, you will be with your classmates for the entire time. Private quarters as well as shared quarters will be available. The intention is to encourage all participants to really begin to tap into each other as well as themselves, promoting unity and raw authenticity. This can be intense at times, yet remarkably transformative.  

We also take advantage of this time to eat and drink healthy, clean foods. This inturn, promotes a mild cleansing of the body which aids in the journey inward. 

In order to truly impact horses it is necessary to begn the journey into the self  – so that we can present ourselves as clear and powerful vessels equipped to facilitate healing. This retreat is designed to open the channels for your healing in order for you to be a healer. After experiencing this transformative week, you are then elidgable for STEP TWO should you choose to go further in the EquinePacifica Program.

This retreat is for those who are seeking much more than just head knowledge…We’re diving into the heart space. And with that being said, we realize this retreat is not for everyone. But for those of you who are reading this and about to scream with joy and excitement….YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Our exact schedule may vary from time to time, but as general rule our 7Day Retreat includes the following:

light yoga


3 organic meals per day prepared onsite by our chef

snacks galore

daily group and one on one discussions with Jackie La Bosco*

a group session with Ryan Mc Mahon**

hands on horses class time

demo horse time

free time

one or two excursions to other horse facilities 

a one hour Thai/Shiatsu mat massage ***

and many lovely surprises


Our days begin early with a beautiful morning session of light yoga and/or meditation. No experience needed for  the yoga.  This work is designed to help you tap into YOU. It is not designed as a rigorous exercise workout geared towards wearing you out and making you sore. The yoga and meditation are merely a means of helping you to de-stress, shake off old patterns and find new answers within – letting you soar, not getting you sore!  Whether experienced or not this work will be most refreshing and enjoyable. You just have to be willing and own some stretchy pants!

We then have breakfast and begin our lessons for the day. Some mornings will be geared towards topical studies and afternoons are all about spending time with the horses. Some days we flip that. Some lunches will be at the house but most will be out in the field with horses. Our days wind down at headquarters for a fabulous meal prepared by our own chef. .

*Joining us this year will be Jackie La Bosco. Each day will include either a group or one on one session with Jackie. Jackie is a master guide when it comes to helping you drop in deeply and track energies that are blocking your progress in any way, shape or form. 

** Also joining us for a fire ceremony to celebrate our recent full moon will be Ryan McMahon. Ryan is a two time author and is deeply articulate in topics such as soveriengty of the self, electric universe, unity consciousness, metaphysics and the esoteric. While much of what Ryan speaks of can be traced back thousand of years to information revealed by philosophers to scientists to shamans…it is clear that Ryan possess an intense love of Native Americans. 

***Your first day ends with a mind blowing, heart opening  1 hour Shiatsu massage for all attendees. It is surprising how many people who want to work on horses have never experienced any massage at all. Occasionally some have had one or two- here or there in their lifetime. To understand the power of what you will be learning to impart to horses, one must experience the power of touch themselves.We bring in the best, handpicked, fully licensed, Shiatsu and Thai massage therapists from the Southern California area, right into our workshop to deliver a top notch massage just for you.If you’ve never had bodywork done, fear not, for during this work you remain completely clothed and no oil is used.  The work is done the floor a mat   It’s a group massage in a very safe atmosphere.

[Thai/Shiatsu is based on  TCM – Tradition Chinese Medicine. All movements are designed to address muscles and internal organ systems in a pain free fashion with gentle pressure to meridian points coupled with passive stretching. Our therapists will talk with you ahead of time, get to know a little about you and discuss the process . They will also take note of any particular areas of concern for you.]


STEP TWO: $2,700 USD


Because the equine bodywork industry has come under intense scrutiny by the veternarian boards across the nation, EquinePacifica has chosen to take measures to turn out graduates who are STELLAR at their craft. And in order for you to become STELLAR your training requires more time and devotion. However, equine massage and bodywork laws remain different from state to state and it is your sole responsibility to know the law in your state which is governed by the Veternarian Board of your state. 

Anyone desiring to obtain an official EquinePacifica Certification must first complete STEP ONE.  Once this has been completed you are now elidgable to begin  STEP TWO  private or semi-private training with Jane. Each student will be responsible for their own lodging and food. We usually can coordinate transportation to help eliminate the cost of a rental car for you, if you so desire. 

Each person wishing to commit to  STEP TWO  will design their custom schedule with Jane.  In total you will complete 35 hours of intense, indepth training at multiple barns throughout the San Diego area. You will have the oportunity to work on many horses from polo ponies to high performance dressage horses to resuce horses with difficult emotional problems. The training takes you deep into energy work and bodywork.  Upon sucessful completion of the training you earn your 100 hr certification.That includes your hours obtained from STEP ONE in combination with STEP TWO. You also will have the ability to schedule a “brush up” for as long as you continue working with horses, as well as access to Jane to call or txt anytime if you have questions or need help or advice. The students who complete this certification are no longer considered students, but rather friends. 

It is with this growing group of friends that we will slowly scatter ourselves across the globe…impacting horses and humans alike through this magical work.