Jane Wesson DC, ESMT, HHP LMT, Founder of Equine Pacifica
I can remember like it was yesterday the Christmas when Santa brought my first rocking horse. That truly was the moment when the spirit of the horse was ignited in my soul from many past life times. Although raised in the beautiful West Virginia hills, ownership of my own horse elluded me -much to my own dismay. I occupied my horseles days with music, art, dance, and theater. In my early twenties after attending WVU, I packed my life into my car, and as a modern day pioneer, I set out for the wild west never to dwell back east again. My journey took me to the very edge of the west coast mostly because my car would not make the underwater journey to Hawaii. There I set up camp and since then have never looked back.

Once acclimated to the concrete jungle of Southern California I sent myself to school and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1992 from The Southern California College of Chiropractic (www.QVIUS.org). Upon graduation I immediately was highered by the college as the Dean of Continuing Education. Simultaneously, I taught a chiropractic communications class for the next year there while interning at a chiropractic office in Huntington Beach Ca. I was deeply attracted to the holistic approach of wellness and chiropractic fit like a glove at that time. I was definitely enjoying a time of expansion in my life. Marriage and children descended rapidly upon the scene.

I took time out to begin a family and finally enjoy my lifelong desire to own horses.  We moved to the wine country where I could my horses on my property. At that point I ran summer day camps for kids at our Eagle Nest Ranch, took riding lessons and opened a horse boarding business for the next seven years.

During that time I embarked on many avenues of learning even more about horses. I went to Round Hill Virginia to earn my certification as an Equine Sports Therapist in early 2002  (www.equisssage.com). . When I wasn’t homeschooling my kids, I was busy building my equine massage practice. I also began to rescue horses here and there and rehab them as I engulfed myself in Natural Horsemanship. My daughter joined the United States Pony Club (www.ponyclub.org) and we became very involved on that level as well. It’s primarily a volunteer based organization and eventually I ended up taking the position as Vice Regional Supervisor of the Southern California area and then Regional Supervisor. I also spent many, many a day supporting and assisting my daughter throughout her 3 day eventing career and coordinating “hospitality” at the well known Southern California Equestrian Center (www.galwaydowns.com) during the events held there while massaging the horses by night.

As my practice has grown, so has my knowledge and deep love of equine bodywork. The horses themselves opened up an entire world of healing information that has led to the techniques I use today.  So fascinated with the healing power of massage, I decided to learn the art form for people.

In 2009 I attended Healing Hands School of Holistic Health (www.healinghandsschool.com) to become a Holistic Health Practitioner and a state and nationally licensed massage therapist (for people). The many and varied healing techniques I have learned at this school have translated over into my equine work most beautifully. The 1000 hours spent at Healing Hands proved to be extremely transformational. It was during this time that I became inspired by many phenomenal instructors to create EquinePacifica. In February of 2011 I launched that dream into reality. Although EquinePacifica had an outstanding first year, major shifts in my personal life led me to seek employment as well.

In 2012 I had the honor of becoming part of the family at the world renowned Chopra Center of Well Being (www.chopra.com) located at the Omni La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California. There I practiced Ayurveda, the oldest healing system originating in India. Energy work was the basis for the bodywork performed there and my skills skyrocketed as I steeped myself in much needed meditation, yoga,and energy work for an entire year.  And true to the powers of mediation and yoga, my life was transforming yet again as I was propelled to follow my dharma…horses. From that point on my work has been solely focused on my private equine massage practice, this school and my own horses.  Many doors have opened and living my passion is a well sustained daily event. 

I have always had an in-born desire to live life in a holistic fashion. Now this way of understanding human health has poured over into the way I view equine health and well being.  It is my belief that there can be no separation or compartmentalization of body, mind and soul when addressing the health of a horse or human.

My chiropractic background and holistic health education, certifications as a Reiki master and an animal communicator(www.westcoasmedium.com) in combination with the  many hours I have spent working on and with horses and humans has truly provided countless sources of information that I have been able to blend and utilize for successful outcomes in my endeavor to facilitate healing for horses. I am so passionate about the well being of horses that it is my deep desire to share the knowledge I have acquired with anyone who is interested.

There are so many ways to enhance the life of a horse through the art of touch! I hope that you connect with the people and the school that will give you the wings to soar swiftly in an industry that desperately needs us all, for there can never be enough people on this planet looking after the comfort and well being of horses.

Namaste,  Jane