Part of the program is totally devoted to learning about how you can become a healthy, vibrant vessel  Why is this so important? Because horses are more sensitive than you might imagine:

“Animals hold us to what is present, to who we are at the time.  What is obvious to an animal is not the embellishment that fattens our emotional resumes, but what’s bedrock and current in us:  aggression, fear, insecurity, happiness or equanimity.  Because they have the ability to read our involuntary tics and scents, we’re transparent to them and thus exposed – we are finally ourselves.”
Gretel Ehrlich, “Friends, Foes and Working Animals” from Intimate Nature

Because horses are so very patient and forgiving with humans, just about anyone can offer comforting bodywork and they will accept it on some level.  However at EquinePacifica it is our desire to send you on a life long  journey that eventually will bring  you home to the real you. It is also our desire to have each student that passes through our doors come to understand that in order to really connect with a horse and provide profound results in that horses life, one must honor their own body and soul. One must be a healthy, vibrant vessel able to be the facilitator of healing.

We will investigate and discuss various ways that you can become that very person through nutrition, exercise, energy work, connecting with nature and much more. We will also learn what things can inhibit you from being that vessel. We will discover how to incorporate these new ideas into your life in a comfortable fashion.

Day by day as you discover and honor yourself,  you will see your ability to interact with horses improve by leaps and bounds.