Imagine yourself stepping into a picture perfect climate with sunshine and ocean breezes. Now add on to that spending tremendous quality time learning all about how to impact a horse’s life through the art of touch
And if that’s not the best dream yet, the EquinePacifica’s Horse Massage School classes and retreats get that much better as you are encouraged to take time to love yourself and become a healthy, vibrant facilitator of healing for the most awesome animals on earth – horses!

With great excitement and anticipation we invite you to come live this dream.The EquinePacifica program currently takes place in Southern California all within a 30 mile radius of San Diego, CA, USA. We have access to quite a few barns and ranches throughout the area. You will get to work with high performance horses to polo ponies to retirees, all that dwell in urban type settings. For many people this is a real eye and heart opener.  Nothing can beat the feeling that comes from working with these amazing horses as they shower you with love and appreciation for your gift of touch.

EquinePacifica’s Equine Massage School currently offers a 7Day Retreat aka: STEP ONE  available to anyone looking for a journey deep into the heart of horses and humans.

STEP TWO available to those who have completed STEP ONE and committed to earning a 100 hr. Certification.

Last but definately not least, EquinePacifica offers 1 Day workshops designed to get your feet wet while tapping into the heart of equine touch. 

No matter what  you choose, all of the  EquinePacifica classes are designed to equip you to bring joy, peace and healing to horses and you!