We have access to a phenomenal source of horses. You may not realize that Del Mar, California is truly the mecca for competition horses on the west coast. Many Olympic riders reside and train here as well as a miriad of race horse barns just brimming with horses being trained on a daily basis.

During STEP ONE, our 7Day Retreat, you will be working with an entire ranch full of horses. Every type imaginable.

Should you choose to commit to STEP TWO many of the horses you will be working on are actual, factual performance horses. These horses  are currently being used in high stress, demanding disciplines with real live physical issues as well as emotional stress.

We will have the option of working on everything from hunter/jumpers to dressage to western pleasure to three day eventers, arabs, warmbloods, ponies, rehab horses and thoroughbred race horses. If you are thinking of starting a practice it is of utmost importance to understand what you may come across out there in the real horse world as you go from barn to barn. All horses are definitely not equal! Depending on where you practice, you may very well need to know how to approach a race horse versus a back yard quarter horse! We have such an enormous selection of horses to work with that every horse and every day will be a true to life experience!

This kind of training is unparalleled in comparison to working on retired horses that get massaged day in and day out by students passing through the program year round.