We are restructuring our kids classes. Stay tuned. Thanks!

Horse Magic for kids is a beautiful opportunity to connect children with horses on the heart level…where kids and horses naturally dwell. This half day event currently takes place on a peaceful 30 acre ranch in Bonsall, CA. There are 30-60 well cared for horses on the ranch on any given day. Once you set foot onto this property you feel like you have entered into a new dimension of love, peace and happiness.

This day is all about learning to tap into the true spirit of the horse. There is NO riding involved. Our goal is have kids begin to understand the sacred nature of horses, their hearts, their desire to see us evolve as humans, and to raise kids up with this understanding, which is absolutely in alignment with the evolution of the planet.

Each child, ages 5-11, needs at least one adult who is to stay with that child for the duration of the event. Many great activities make up our fun filled day. These activities include:

Hay Ride:  A leisurely cruise around the ranch getting to see all the various horses and soaking up the beauty of the ranch.  We make sure you get to meet and say hello to Charlotte, our pot bellied PIG too!

Grooming: All kids will get the chance to experience brushing a horse. Sounds simple, but it’s a fabulous way to bring love to a horse.

Mystical Story Time with Snacks: Healthy, organic, gluten free snacks are served along with water or coconut water while we all gather for a Mystical Horse Story. Kids are encouraged to share their thoughts after the story….always amusing and often profound!

Talking with Real Horses: This is a magical time where each child, under trained supervision, gets to spend personal time with the horse, and is encouraged to tap into the horse’s heart to hear what the horse has to say.

Horse Painting:  After communicating with the horse, each child gets to dip their hand in paint and imprint in on the horse, evoking a deep Native American resonance between the child and horse.

Souvenir Photo: Each child will have a private photo taken along side the horse and painted hand print that he/she created. This photo will be sent to either a specified email address or text number.

Cost is $100/child. Payable in advanced by cash, check or credit card. Space limited to 10 kids.