Ask a horse what kind of work he wants done…
90% of the time the answer will be “energy work please.”
~Jane Wesson.

 Once upon a time…our curriuculum was only basic bodywork. However, energy work has always been the defining difference between this program and all others. It is precisely this information that will catapult you and your bodywork right into the next dimension!  Energy work offers profound results that connect you and horses to each other and to our magnificent Universe. All of  our energy work is taught and conducted in the light and security of our Maker. At EquinePacifica we believe and know that horses have a powerful spiritual presence. However, one may not even realize this realm exists if one is not in tune with themselves or the horses.  While it is completely possible to impact a horse in a physical positive fashion with massage alone,  there is yet another enitre world of possibilites when tapping into the energetic realms.

EquinePacifica offers information and skills that are designed to open your mind and heart to those realms. If you plan on working with horses there will be times when you will come across a horse that, for whatever reason, cannot be physically touched. What do you do then??? How can you help? That’s when you need to have many options in your bag of tricks. Energy work will give you just that – OPTIONS!  This work is premdominantly done without ever having to lay a hand on the horse. Once you’ve made progress on this level it will open doors to the physical level and eventually you will be able to address the physical issues, hands on, with full permission and participation from the horse.

Western science is “discovering” and verifying on a daily basis the truth behind energy healing and the properties of biophysiological energy that has been known to other cultures for thousands of years. Using these current techniques will separate you from the crowd of basic equine massage therapists.

Fear not if you have no experience with this “energy stuff”. We take ample time getting you acquainted with the various forms of energy held with in your own being. Our techniques are easily understood yet powerful for you to use as you feel comfortable. If you ARE familiar with energy then you’ll feel right at home. Anyone with energy work experience knows there are a million variations on a theme and you’ll be encouraged to explore, develop and work with that to which you are accustomed.